Caledonia Farm 1812

A Blue Ridge Vacation near Little Washington, VA


The Summer Kitchen Dependency>

The Summer Kitchen Dependency>

This is our honeymoon suite, consisting of two and a half rooms that are comfortably furnished in a charming colonial style; it has a separate entrance to allow for privacy but is still conveniently connected to the main house through a breezeway.

When the building was completed in 1807, as many as six house servants were quartered in double-deck bunks upstairs, with straw mattresses and none of the modern conveniences that can be found today.

Awaiting visitors downstairs is now a relaxing sitting room in which the building’s original cooking fireplace continues to burn real firewood even today.

Amenities include a full modern bathroom, closet, a double bed with the finest mattress, ample lighting for both casual and consummate readers, a well-stocked library, air-conditioning and individual heat control, and a refrigerator containing complimentary snacks and beverages.

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BOOK NOW 1-800-BNB-1812